Passion for baking -
- it drive's us!

We love what we do

Our love for baking and the best ingredients is what drove us to have our own store. Too many company's never get back to you when you send them a message.

They are selling subpar products, and are down right deceiving.

So we wanted to search and find the best ingredients that we would love. SO we know you will love them just the same. Plus add extroidinary customer service on top, with fast shipping!


About our online store

It all started in 1999.

Ever since the year 1999, we were finding ourselves full of headaches. When trying to source only the finest baking ingredients. Either the quality fell short. Or the quantities that were offered were too big for small mom and pop bakeries to purchase. That’s when we knew we had to do something to fill this niche.

Tired of being ashamed & Depressed

We needed to Fend for Ourselves...

After trying 100’s, if not 1000 vendors. We took matters into our own hands. Found a solid source for all of our baking needs and to share that with you! Our fellow bakers!

Keeping it Simple,
We Only Offer, The Best!

We went through 100s of suppliers only to find the best ingredients. Saving you the aggravation, time, as well as money. So that we could offer you only the best baking ingredients that money can buy. Yet offer it at a reasonable cost.!

***Please Note***

We do not make any claims that our products will treat, cure, or help anything. Whether it be physical or emotional: A disease, god given, or any  man made or freak cause of nature. Our products are from nature. Please do not use if you are allergic to anything that is of nature made origin.




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